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Flyers GM Briere furious with prospect requesting a trade

Published January 9, 2024 at 7:13
It's safe to say that the Philadelphia Flyers this season have been a pleasant surprise to the NHL and their fan base. No one expected this team to compete as hard as they've done with the personnel they have and are currently sitting in a wild card spot with 46 points in 40 games.

The team was cruising along up until tonight when in a shocking turn of events, the Flyers prize draft choice in 2022 Cutter Gauthier made the decision to tell the Flyers he had no interest in signing with the team.

This sent general manager Danny Briere and the Flyers brain trust into a full scramble mode and was forced to trade him to the Anaheim Ducks for Jaime Drysdale and a 2nd round pick in 2025.

After the deal was done, an exasperated general manager Briere Broke the news to the media and gave more details of what went on between the two parties.

The news began to widen as Frank Seravalli of thedailyfaceoff.com tweeted even more details to how the Flyers handled this news.

John Tortorella even weighed in, saying he wouldn't know Gauthier from a hole in the wall.

It's clear that this went on for a couple of weeks the Flyers did all they could to try to change his mind. But even after flying to Sweden to smooth over the issues, Gauthier made it clear his intentions and the Flyers got a deal made.
Certainly not the best start to 2024.
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Flyers GM Briere furious with prospect requesting a trade

Should the Flyers have waited to trade Cutter Gauthier after telling the team his decision?

Yes - They owned his rights12037.5 %
No - Cut him loose and move on20062.5 %
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