Evan Bouchard Reveals Awesome News About His Relationship with Ekholm

Published October 19, 2023 at 9:40 PM

Bouchard Receives Valuable Advice from Ekholm

In a recent episode of the Got Yer' Back podcast, Oilers veteran defenseman Mattias Ekholm discussed his partnership with Evan Bouchard and the guidance he's been providing to the young defenseman.

Evaluating Bouchard

Ekholm, acquired from the Nashville Predators, emphasized Bouchard's offensive prowess while highlighting his defensive reliability. He praised Bouchard's intelligence, positioning, defensive contributions, and competitive spirit.

Ekholm stated,
«I've played with some guys that are high offensive guys. I think Evan is a high-end offensive guy, but I also think, for him, it's more just staying with it.»

He continued,
«He's so smart and he's always in the right position, he's knocking down a lot of pucks, he's doing a good job defensively; he's got a really good outlet pass and he's a competitive guy»

Staying the Course

Ekholm's advice to Bouchard for the upcoming season is simple yet crucial. He encouraged Bouchard to continue the same level of performance he displayed in the last 25 games of the previous season.

Ekholm explained,
«Just do exactly what you did for the last 25 games you were here, you don't need to do anything more. That's gonna help this team a tremendous amount...»

He emphasized the importance of not shying away from defensive responsibilities, especially when playing extended minutes.

Bouchard's willingness to heed Ekholm's guidance could prove instrumental in the Oilers' success this season.

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Evan Bouchard Reveals Awesome News About His Relationship with Ekholm

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