Edmonton Oilers' Ken Holland faces a make-or-break moment

Published October 2, 2023 at 9:14 PM

Ken Holland has been a successful GM for the Edmonton Oilers franchise, leading the team to playoff berths on a regular basis.

Before joining the Oilers organization, he won three cups with the Detroit Red Wings and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a builder.

As a member of the Oilers organization, he's at a major crossroads.

Throughout his tenure with the Oilers, the team made it to the playoffs, but they lost to the Colorado Avalanche in the Conference Finals.

«I want to win a Stanley Cup. I mean, everybody in that room wants to win it. That's my focus. I've been fortunate to have been part of four teams that won a Stanley Cup. There's nothing like it for the city, for the players, for the organization.»

Both concurrent Stanley Cup Champions knocked out the team consecutively. For a team poised to win a championship, this is a frustrating situation.

If Holland fails to make it to the promised land this year, this season will be make or break for them. Due to the salary cap, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are both among the top players in the NHL, but tightening up their lineup is difficult.

«I've got a lot of juice, I've got a lot of energy. I'm very motivated. I'm excited to work with (new CEO) Jeff Jackson. We've got great ownership, we've got a passionate fan base. I think we've got a really good team, and I'm really excited for this season.»

Holland is doing his best despite a mess he didn't create. The first day of training camp, Holland acknowledged he wanted the team to win a championship. It may not look good for the former Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick if he fails to fulfill his cup dreams with Connor McDavid this season.

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Edmonton Oilers' Ken Holland faces a make-or-break moment

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