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Edmonton Oilers Get Disrespected on Recent Cup Rankings

Published December 19, 2022 at 11:38

When it comes to winning the Stanley Cup many believe that without a doubt is the hardest trophy to win over any other sport. After starting at training camp and pre-season, you play a grueling 82 game season with only 16 teams able to move on to the playoffs. Then you need to win 4 straight playoff series 16 wins to raise the Holy grail of all of sports the Stanley Cup.

It's even tougher to see a Stanley Cup in Canada with only 7 teams compared to the United States' 25 teams, with the Montreal Canadiens being the last Canadian team to raise their 24th Stanley Cup back in 1993 over the Wayne Gretzky and the Los Angeles Kings.


With 1/3 of this season already completed we are already seeing the possible contenders and those who already looking to the offseason, Money Puck a popular website released their updated stats and odds of teams winning the Stanley Cup.

According to Money Puck's analysis and statistics odds..

Canada... we've got some good news, as Winnipeg Jets have the best odds of winning the Stanley Cup with 13.8%, with the Carolina Hurricanes right behind them with 12.3%.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are 3rd with 10% giving 2 Canadian cities the best odds in the top 3 of their article, but no Edmonton?

This doesn't guarantee the Cup coming home as the Stanley Cup playoffs are so unpredictable, but it's a good sign for Canada in hopes of seeing a Canadian team once again raise the Cup.
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Edmonton Oilers Get Disrespected on Recent Cup Rankings

Will A Canadian Team Win The Stanley Cup This Season?

Yes4917.5 %
No10637.9 %
I hope so5218.6 %
Not with Gary Bettman7326.1 %
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