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Edmonton Oilers Fan Ruins Moment of Silence For Adam Johnson

Published October 29, 2023 at 5:33 PM

The hockey community was shaken to its core yesterday as news broke of the untimely passing of 29-year-old Adam Johnson. A horrifying accident on the ice, where Johnson suffered a severe neck injury from a skate, has left not only hockey fans but the entire sports world in shock.

As the heartbreaking news spread, an outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers flooded in for Johnson's family and friends.

A Moment of Silence for Adam Johnson

Tonight, as the Edmonton Oilers prepared to face off against the Calgary Flames in the Heritage Classic at Commonwealth Stadium, the NHL made the decision to honor Johnson's memory with a moment of silence. It was a somber moment, one where the hockey world collectively paid their respects to a life tragically cut short.

A Regrettable Interruption

However, in a sad turn of events, the moment of silence was marred by the actions of one Oilers fan. Instead of showing respect, they shouted, "Let's go, Oilers!" during the moment. This disruption was met with widespread disapproval from hundreds of hockey fans on Twitter and social media.

In times of tragedy, sports serve as a unifying force, reminding us that we're all part of something larger. It's a moment to set aside rivalries and divisions, coming together to honor a life lost too soon.

The incident during the moment of silence serves as a stark reminder that even in our passion for the game, there's a need for respect and empathy. Let it be a lesson for all, as the hockey community grieves the loss of Adam Johnson, that respect and class should always prevail, both on and off the ice.

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Edmonton Oilers Fan Ruins Moment of Silence For Adam Johnson

Should this Oilers fan be ejected from the game for this unclassy move?

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