BREAKING: The NHL is Investigating a Major Illegal Trade Made by Canadian Team

Published October 29, 2023 at 12:41

The Ottawa Senators have had a tough week, facing a series of setbacks and challenges. They've been hit by a wave of unfortunate events that have tested their resilience.

It all began with the suspension of Shane Pinto, a restricted free agent, who received a 41-game ban over alleged gambling-related issues. This suspension dealt a significant blow to the team's plans.

On top of that, the Senators were hit by injuries to key defensemen. Thomas Chabot, a linchpin of their defense, is expected to be sidelined for six to eight weeks due to a hand fracture. Erik Brannstrom is also out of action due to a concussion suffered during a game against the New York Islanders.

Adding to their woes, the NHL is now investigating a trade between the Senators and the Vegas Golden Knights, which involved forward Evgeny Dadanov. According to NHL insider Elliot Friedman, Vegas believed that Dadanov had not submitted a trade request on time, but it has come to light that the Senators were not transparent about this matter.

"When [Vegas] acquired him from the Ottawa Senators, they were told that Dadonov had not submitted his trade request on time. So if Vegas wanted to move him, they could do whatever they needed to do," Friedman disclosed during "Hockey Night in Canada." However, it has since come to light that Dadanov had indeed submitted the request, leading to potential consequences for the Senators.

The NHL is set to announce some form of punishment for the Senators in the near future. While the specific penalty remains uncertain, it's likely that the team will lose a draft pick in the upcoming draft. This adds an extra layer of challenge for the Senators as they continue their efforts to rebuild and strengthen their roster.
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BREAKING: The NHL is Investigating a Major Illegal Trade Made by Canadian Team

What punishment should this Canadian NHL team face?

Forfeit a draft pick6241.9 %
$50,000 fine2416.2 %
Trade reversed3523.6 %
Other2718.2 %
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