The NHL Gets Caught Stealing Information From Players Phones

Published October 29, 2023 at 12:23

Shane Pinto's situation with the Ottawa Senators and his recent 41-game suspension has taken an intriguing turn in the last 24 hours. It has come to light that Pinto registered an account with a gambling website, which drew the NHL's attention.

This new revelation was reported by Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun. He detailed what transpired with Pinto and the potential repercussions for other players who may not have been aware of the NHL's strict stance on these suspensions.

"We've been led to believe that NHL players weren't aware, until Pinto's suspension, that any player who opens an online betting account has their information forwarded to the league's security department for compliance purposes. You can be certain there were players across the league deleting the gambling apps on their phones once they found out that this was the case in the last 24 to 48 hours,"
Garrioch pointed out.

The NHL's investigation did not uncover any evidence of Pinto betting on his own team's games or NHL contests. Instead, it appears the focus was on activities related to other leagues through the website.

This development raises a significant question: Should the NHL formally inform its players, as employees, about the potential for suspensions when engaging with gambling websites?

While the answer remains uncertain, it is likely that this issue will be a topic for discussion during the next collective bargaining negotiations, potentially leading to more clearly defined policies.
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The NHL Gets Caught Stealing Information From Players Phones

Should the NHL be allowed to see this private info from players in the league?

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