Anaheim Ducks players celebrating after a comeback win against Florida.
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Ducks player set to receive serious fine for making obscene gesture towards fans

Published January 15, 2024 at 6:43 PM
After mounting a come from behind win on the road against the heavily favoured Florida Panthers, the Anaheim Ducks were clearly fired up to come away with the victory. While celebrating the overtime winner with their teammates in the corner however, one Ducks player took it too far and will undoubtedly be hearing from the NHL for an obscene gesture towards a fan.

Killorn scored the overtime winning goal and dragged the Ducks on the ice into the corner to celebrate and taunt the Panthers fans a bit. However, Frank Vatrano took things too far when he took his gloves off to give the middle finger to a fan.

A closer view of Vatrano's gesture can be seen here:

When this has happened in the past, most memorably from Andrew Ference and Ryan Hartman towards Evander Kane, the NHL has fined players for the obscene gesture while on television. Two seasons ago, Hartman was fined $4250 for the middle finger.

Likely by tomorrow, we'll hear of discipline coming for Vatrano for the move. It's a great move to taunt the fans especially as an underdog pulling off a comeback win, but this gesture in particular takes thing a little too far.
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Ducks player set to receive serious fine for making obscene gesture towards fans

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