Crosby reveals a major sacrifice he's making to play with McDavid

Skyler Walker
September 16, 2023  (3:29 PM)

A Tale of Two Generations: Crosby and McDavid

In the past 18 years, the NHL has been blessed with the presence of two exceptional talents who have taken the league to new heights.

The Sidney Crosby Era

It all began on July 30th, 2005, when the Pittsburgh Penguins made Sidney Crosby the first overall pick. Crosby quickly became a league leader and a player who raised the bar for competitiveness and entertainment. He earned the title of the best player of his generation.
With Wayne Gretzky's era fading, Crosby stepped up and wowed fans with his incredible skills. His impact was evident as he helped lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to three Stanley Cup victories during his tenure.

The Emergence of Connor McDavid

Fast forward to 2015, and the Edmonton Oilers picked Connor McDavid as the next generational talent. Even before his NHL debut, McDavid was hailed as the next big thing in hockey. His extraordinary statistics, impressive skill set, unmatched hockey IQ, and lightning-fast speed have left the NHL world in awe.
Now, it seems that Crosby and McDavid are at a crossroads, signaling a passing of the torch moment. This is especially significant as the NHL appears poised to allow its players to participate in the 2026 Olympics.
The last time NHL players competed in the Olympics was in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The NHL's decision to skip subsequent Olympics disappointed many Canadian-born players, including McDavid, who entered the league in 2015.
But the tide has turned, and the chances of NHL players participating in the Olympics are on the rise. Crosby has expressed his willingness to make changes, including shifting to the wing, to support Team Canada's quest for gold.
In a recent interview on the "32 Thoughts" podcast with Elliot Friedman and Jeff Marek, Crosby stated,
"I'll go there. I'll play my off-wing, no worries. Listen, I've skated with him and I've played both positions, so I think I'm comfortable either way, whether I play center or wing. He can lead the way, and I'll find the openings."

Crosby's message to McDavid is clear: he's passing the torch of Team Canada leadership to the younger superstar, giving his blessing for McDavid to take the reins while he assumes a secondary role at the age of 36.
The stage is set for the next Winter Olympics in Milan, Italy, from February 6th, 2026, to February 22nd, 2026, where the legacy of these two generational talents will continue to unfold.
Source: Flyersinsider.com
Crosby reveals a major sacrifice he's making to play with McDavid

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