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Connor McDavid roasts teammate Zach Hyman's golf game

Published July 31, 2023 at 11:01 PM

A Charity Golf tournament was organized by Zach Hyman, with several members of the Edmonton Oilers participating, such as Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

Hyman himself is not a skilled golfer, only playing twice a year - once for his tournament and once for the Oilers foundation - which has prompted some good-natured ribbing from his teammates, especially McDavid.

"Gotta be Zach (Hyman). I mean, I don't even know what we joke with him. Like why do you even put on a golf tournament? He doesn't play golf, so she put put on like a pickleball tournament or something like that."

Connor starting to have a little more fun with interviews, love to see it

Hyman has a variety of interests, including esports and children's books, but despite being busy, he has not managed to improve his golf game. McDavid has teased him about this, wondering why Hyman would host a charity tournament if he's not a skilled golfer.

McDavid has even jokingly given Hyman the title of the team's worst golfer.

This is a bit harsh considering that Hyman is one of the best players on the Oilers team when it comes to ice hockey.
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Connor McDavid roasts teammate Zach Hyman's golf game

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