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Connor McDavid is furious with the NHL's position on pride and it's recent moves.

Published October 11, 2023 at 0:16

There has been a history of Connor McDavid taking a stance on Pride Night and expressing appreciation for the community. With gestures like putting pride tape on his stick and never objecting to the night itself, he has made a major statement.

The league's recent decision to ban Pride Tape seems like a clampdown rather than an effort to solve the problem.

Count Oilers' star Connor McDavid among those disappointed with the NHL's decision to scrap pride tape from pre-game events. #yeg #yyc

He spoke out tonight against Gary Bettman and the NHL's shortsighted decision to ban pride tape, as he did when specialty night warm-ups were eliminated.

It seems unlikely that it will be put back in place since the league continues to cater to the small minority of players who acted out last year during Pride Night.

Major NHL players such as Hyman, McDavid, and Reilly have spoken out against the decision and will continue to support the community.

"In terms of a league standpoint, is it something that I'd like to see put back into place one day? Certainly. You know, but that's not the way it is right now," he told reporters at Rogers Place.

For now the frustration continues to build with McDavid and the NHL on another topic. The optics for Gary Bettman have to be horrendous right about now.

"I've commented on this before. I think everyone knows how I feel," said McDavid, a three-time MVP of the NHL.

"I've enjoyed all the nights that we've celebrated here in Edmonton, whether that's Pride night or military night or Indigenous night, all the various nights that we've had and had a chance to celebrate. I've always enjoyed them. I can't speak for anyone else or the league."
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Connor McDavid is furious with the NHL's position on pride and it's recent moves.

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