Eliotte Friedman drops a bomb on the Leafs' attempt to steal Desharnais

Published October 10, 2023 at 7:15 PM

Despite years spent in the AHL, Vincent Desharnais only made it to the NHL last year.

His journey took him six years longer than he expected, but he's finally made it.

Elliote Friedman on (32TP) «Edmonton's a team that liked Lafferty and i wouldn't be surprised if Toronto called the Oilers about Lafferty and fished around Desharnais»

«i don't think the Oilers would do that» added Woodcroft and Manson really like Desharnais #LetsGoOilers

As a defenseman drafted in the seventh round, 183rd overall, it seemed unlikely that he would make it to the NHL.

The Oilers and coach Jay Woodcroft now see in him what other teams did not see during his 36-game stint last season.

Despite trading Sam Lafferty to the Vancouver Canucks, it appears likely that Brad Treliving may have asked for Vincent Desharnais after trading Sam Lafferty to the Maple Leafs, according to Elliott Friedman of the 32 Thoughts Podcast.

In the current situation, Desharnais is expected to play with Philip Broberg on the right side of the Edmonton Oilers' third pair.

Had the Oilers not already been attached to him, the rookie could have been a great option for Maple Leafs' defense.

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Eliotte Friedman drops a bomb on the Leafs' attempt to steal Desharnais

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