Bruins and Panthers fights spill into the stands

Published April 25, 2023 at 8:48

It never ceases to amaze me that momentum and energy can spill into the stands well it's being projected from the ice. I have never seen a fight in the stands but have watched it on television numerous times and on YouTube were fans for some reason just can't get along. All of a sudden fists start flying in people are being pulled off of a few rows of seats.

During game four of the Boston Florida series, it appears that the energy from the fights began to spill over into the stands in Sunrise FL.

There is no doubt that these kinds of shenanigans are alcohol-induced as most games are pretty common and cool to watch without any fists flying. The staff at Sunrise Florida's arena managed to get everything under control and it didn't get any worse.

Unfortunately for Florida fans, the Panthers lost the game six to two and the series now switches back to Boston for Game 5. The Bruins are currently up three games to one in the series.
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Bruins and Panthers fights spill into the stands

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