Connor Bedard just before making contact with Igor Shesterkin.
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Bedard tries not to be mobbed after running over Rangers' goalie

Published January 5, 2024 at 10:23
Last night, the struggling Chicago Blackhawks visited the New York Rangers. Although it's not even close to a fair matchup and the Rangers went on to secure an easy 4-1 win, it's one of the first opportunities for hockey fans in New York to see the new generational talent, Connor Bedard.

With the Hawks and a four game losing streak in which Bedard hasn't scored yet, the young player was clearly trying to rally the offence when he went hard to the net looking for a rebound. Shesterkin made the save, but as Bedard crashed the net and had a Rangers defenceman on his back, he fell into the goaltender which prompted the obvious response from the Rangers team.

It's a bit of a tired cliche in hockey when a team attacks a player for being pushed into their goaltender, but it's still always better than a lack of a response. Bedard clearly knew the situation he found himself in, and tried to defuse the play by raising his hands in surrender while two Rangers' defenceman stood over top of him.

Obviously, there was no intent from Bedard to run over and make a physical play on the Rangers' goaltender. Still, Bedard showed his understanding of the necessary response when a team makes contact with a goaltender. He was fully expecting the group of Rangers to mob him for the play, and did his best to diffuse the situation. Knowing that he did push him into the net, it seems like Erik Gustafsson took mercy on the kid, and went easy on him.
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Bedard tries not to be mobbed after running over Rangers' goalie

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