Oliver Bjorkstrand of the Seattle Kraken.
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Video shows Kraken player disappointed by having to go to the all-star game

Published January 5, 2024 at 9:16
Being selected to the NHL All-Star Game should be an accomplishment that reflects a great individual season at the halfway point, and should bring a sense of pride to the players. Instead, in recent years, the All-Star Game has completely devolved into an over bloated nuisance and near waste of time for the players, and even the fans as well.

Some players would rather skip the event entirely to rest and rejuvenate on a holiday instead of attending the glorified scrimmage the league has put on in recent years, like Oliver Bjorkstrand of the Seattle Kraken.

In a video where Kraken head coach Dave Hakstol was supposed to be surprising Bjorkstrand with the good news of the all star game, instead of reacting with joy, Bjorkstrand just seemed disappointed about having to cancel vacation plans in San Diego.

Bjorkstrand answered back to his coach in monotone answers of surprise after excitedly speaking about his vacation plans, seeming totally disappointed he'd have to miss on his vacation for the game.

It speaks volumes to the changes needed in the All-Star Game to make it an event that people want to participate in again. When the players feel this dejected about attending, the fans feel it through the broadcast, and the weekend doesn't make for a great watch. This season, the league is reportedly making changes to the game including some added elements to the skills competition with input from Connor McDavid. Hopefully these changes make the experience better this year, and continue to be made in future years.
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Video shows Kraken player disappointed by having to go to the all-star game

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