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Amazon releasing documentary on biggest NHL draft bust of all time

Published December 21, 2023 at 10:34
In the last few years, the NHL as a league has been pushing towards making more behind-the-scenes content for fans. Usually, the sport of hockey feels so guarded, and even in the building fans are behind a wall of glass. The NHL's next answer to breaking down that wall will be released this January, with an in-depth look into the career of the NHL's biggest draft bust, Alexandre Daigle.

The NHL partnered with Amazon Prime Video to bring this to screens, just as they did in the Leafs' season documentary in 2021 titled ĎAll or Nothing'. In the same grim way we watched another Leafs season fade to dust, fans can now see the same for the lost career of Daigle.

Daigle was selected first overall by the Senators in the 1993 NHL draft, and despite playing with the team in his age-18 season, he never fit the expectations of a first overall pick, then quickly fizzled out of the league entirely. After spending time with six different teams and getting sent to the AHL in between, Daigle's NHL career ended after 616 games, recording just 129 goals and 327 points.

The documentary's trailer follows the promise around Daigle at the time of his draft, followed by the on-ice struggles and personal issues affecting his life. It ends with Daigle himself reflecting on the lost opportunity that was his hockey career.

For Oilers fans, it could strike a close note to the career of their first overall bust, Nail Yakupov. Either way, it'll be an intriguing behind the scenes view into one of the most interesting phenomenon in the sport - a failed highly ranked prospect.
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Amazon releasing documentary on biggest NHL draft bust of all time

Who is the biggest bust?

Alexandre Daigle18731.7 %
Nail Yakupov29550.1 %
Juraj Slafkovsky549.2 %
Other539 %
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