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Penguins could begin their rebuild early, reportedly looking to trade star player

Published December 21, 2023 at 7:46
After the quick bitter divorce from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Penguins President and general manager Kyle Dubas looked to make a player splash when he signed a seven-year contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins worth 35 million dollars.

The organization doubled down with Dubas's ideas and allowed him to make a major trade which resulted in Erik Karlsson coming to the Penguins.

For many this move was applauded as the team attempted to keep their aging core together for one more run to the Stanley Cup. However, since the season started it's been nothing but disaster for the Penguins.

According to Dan Kingerski of Pittsburgh Hockey Now, it seems the team is willing to trade Karlsson.

The three-time Norris trophy winner was expected to quarterback their power play and ignite the offence that was lacking for the past two years. The Penguins power play sits 25th in the league and tied with the Sabres with 13 PPG scored. Their PP success rate is 14.44%

Trading Karlsson signals the team will be putting up their white towels and that an overhaul will be on the horizon. It's clear this team has run out of runway with their window to win closed.

Even prior to Dubas, this constant attempt to stay in the hunt has been costly for the Penguins in terms of prospects and draft capital.

The move to acquire Karlsson in my view was strictly a gamble and was an emotional move rather than a practical one.
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Penguins could begin their rebuild early, reportedly looking to trade star player

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