Add another painful injury to Mark Stone in the SCF.

Published August 16, 2023 at 7:49

Over the past several years, NHL organizations have been releasing the injury lists of their players as they progress through the playoffs. Some of these injuries are truly incredible, and the average person might wonder how someone could play through such injuries. However, these players are determined to win the Stanley Cup, and they manage to do so somehow.

This year's injury list has garnered significant attention, especially with Matthew Tkachuk's broken sternum taking center stage shortly after the Cup was awarded. In my opinion, this particular injury would be perilous to play with; however, Tkachuk managed to participate in two more games before he reached his limit. It has been reported that his brother, Brady Tkachuk, had to assist him out of bed after he sustained this gruesome injury.

On the injury list of another team, the Vegas Golden Knights, who emerged as the Stanley Cup winners this year, it was reported to the puck empire that their captain, Mark Stone, played with a broken wrist during the final game of the Stanley Cup finals.

The excruciating pain caused by such an injury must have necessitated numerous shots and medications to alleviate it. Stone also had back surgery a year ago was struggling throughout the playoffs with his lower back. Determination was above all else.

It's worth noting that Stone scored a hat trick during that game significantly contributed to securing the Cup for the Golden Knights.
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Add another painful injury to Mark Stone in the SCF.

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