Reaves fighting O'Brien
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Ryan Reaves throws huge punches in heavyweight fight at center ice

Published February 29, 2024 at 6:04 PM

Moments ago in tonight's Leafs game, one of the league's most feared enforcers in Ryan Reaves stepped up for a now rare fight. Near the end of the first period, Reaves squared off with Coyotes tough guy Liam O'Brien for a fight at center ice.

It was a wild fight, with both heavyweights tossing punches with enough force that the two were almost see-sawing during the fight. Reaves was able to land the most quality punches, with a few devastating right hooks to O'Brien's face which sent him tumbling to the ice.

Now 37 years old, Reaves fights are becoming more rare in his playing time now. In 31 games with the Leafs, Reaves has less than five fights. As he's aging it seems understandable, but concerning considering the Leafs signed him to a three year contract. Reaves will have to fight again soon however, as the Leafs next game comes against the New York Rangers with their new rookie enforcer Matt Rempe. That will be one of the NHL's most highly anticipated fights in years, if the two do decide to drop the gloves this Saturday.

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Ryan Reaves throws huge punches in heavyweight fight at center ice

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