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Reduced price for major Oilers trade target revealed

Published February 29, 2024 at 5:32 PM

One name that the Oilers seem to keep circling back on for trades has been Adam Henrique. They've been linked to Henrique for a while, as Henrique is a perfect rental option. Ducks GM Pat Verbeek has been open about his interest in acquiring a first round pick in return, although it seems like the market for Henrique soured at that price. As we get closer to the deadline, Frank Seravalli reveals the price for Henrique as the ducks seem to grow more eager to get him moved.

Comparatively to a first round pick, some will see this as better and some will see it as worse. At least they aren't asking for prospects, as the Oilers' prospect pool is obviously already considerably dry. Oilers could easily do a 2nd and a 3rd, as they would also be late round picks assuming the Oilers do well in the postseason.

Then there is a third for 50% retention, which honestly is a great idea for the Oilers to save 2.9M in cap space. Henrique wouldn't be my first choice for the Oilers, but he is a very good fit and won't require Edmonton to shill out a first.

If they can keep that first they can possibly go in for tons of depth, pull a Tampa and get rid of all their picks to fully go all in. They could easily get another team to give up a great player with at least 50% retention and give up their first for another trade, or keep their first to draft more prospects in the late first.

The Henrique price gives the Oilers lots of options, which is ultimately what is best for Ken Holland. There may be some smaller pieces on the Ducks that the Oilers could be interested in as well like Sam Carrick, so they may want to keep options open as players lower in value closer to the deadline.
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Reduced price for major Oilers trade target revealed

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