Martin Pospisil hitting Vince Dunn
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Flames forward facing suspension for brutal hit and is called «Garbage» by the coach

Published March 5, 2024 at 11:10

In last night's game with the Kraken visiting the Flames, Calgary forward Martin Pospisil was a one man wrecking crew on the ice. Twice within the game, Pospisil laid massive and borderline hits along the boards. Pospisil drilled Adam Larsson into the boards first, then was called to fight by Kraken forward Tye Kartye.

Pospisil drilled Adam Larsson with a dangerous hit into the boards, and thankfully Larsson was okay. Kartye took a number and followed Pospisil later in the game, then jumped him to get payback for the hit on Larsson. After laying the big brutal hits, Pospisil embarrassed himself in the «fight» by just turtling to hide from Kartye.

Clearly, Pospisil didn't learn his lesson from the first borderline hit. Later in the game, he delivered an even worse hit against Seattle defender Vince Dunn, of which he was given a five minute major penalty and an ejection. For this hit against Dunn, Pospisil will now have a hearing for his hit.

After the game, Kraken head coach Dave Hakstol didn't shy away from calling Pospisil's hits «garbage.»

It'll be interesting to see how the NHL approaches supplemental discipline here, when he could've easily been suspended for two hits in the game.
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Flames forward facing suspension for brutal hit and is called «Garbage» by the coach

What will Pospisil's suspension be?

1 game318.5 %
2 games8724 %
3 games12233.6 %
4 games or more12333.9 %
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