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Devils defenceman says he doesn't respect Rangers' Matt Rempe for breaking the code

Published March 11, 2024 at 9:55 PM

In tonight's game between the Rangers and Devils, things got heated with Rangers rookie enforcer Matt Rempe at the center of it. Rempe declined to fight Kurtis MacDermid a few times early in the game, but then delivered a brutal hit that led to an ejection. He waved goodbye to the Devils bench and MacDermid, and after the game, MacDermid was livid in an interview.

First shift I asked him, there's a bit of a code and I thought he would've answered that, but he said no. You know, after a hit like that, it kinda goes without saying you should answer the bell in some way. Be a man about it there's a right way to go about things and a wrong way. I kinda lost a lot of respect for him tonight.

Late in the second period, Rempe delivered a brutal elbow directly to the head of Devils' defenceman Jonas Siegenthaler. Immediately a scrum ensued, and MacDermid tried to go after Rempe, but he evaded any trouble in the crowd. Rempe was given a game misconduct for the hit, and on his way off the ice, he taunted MacDermid with a wave goodbye.

Fans have been loving the rise of the villainous Rempe, but this event will certainly ruffle some feathers around the league. Rempe denied fighting multiple times in the game only to throw a predatory hit to potentially injure a player, and then left the game unpunished while taunting the other team. One things for sure, Rempe is certainly making a name for himself as a long shot draft pick playing his first 10 games in the NHL.
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Devils defenceman says he doesn't respect Rangers' Matt Rempe for breaking the code

Did Rempe break the code here by not answering the bell?

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