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Two goalies square off for incredible fight

Published December 17, 2023 at 4:40 PM
Every fan of hockey can appreciate a solid fight between two skaters looking to settle a score outside the scoreboard. However, more than just hockey fans can appreciate the rarity of when goalies decide to meet at centre ice and throw down.

Earlier today during a game in a German Pro League, two goaltenders obliged hockey fans everywhere when they posted up for a fight - and not only that, but they didn't disappoint with their punches.

The clip above shows the two goalies meeting while their teams were engaged in a brawl, and throwing absolute haymaker blows at each other. Both goalies landed some bombs against each other, before the referees stepped in to break up the fight.

It rarely happens in the NHL, but hopefully soon we'll be treated to a game heated enough to produce a goalie fight. For now, an overseas game will have to fill the gap.
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Two goalies square off for incredible fight

Who will be the next goalie to fight in the NHL?

Jordan Binnington34249.4 %
Marc-Andre Fleury7811.3 %
Stuart Skinner7711.1 %
Some other random one19628.3 %
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