Nick Foligno fighting Brendan Smith.
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Nick Foligno makes Smith answer for Bedard injury with fight at centre ice

Published January 5, 2024 at 6:53 PM
Tonight's game between the Chicago Blackhawks and New Jersey Devils has begun to devolve after Connor Bedard left the game after a hard open ice hit from Devils' defenceman Brendan Smith.

Immediately after Bedard left the ice looking stunned, Blackhawks' veteran Nick Foligno went hard after Smith, tackling him behind the Devils' net.

Then, during the first period intermission, the Blackhawks made the statement that Bedard would not return to tonight's game. After that, Foligno clearly skated out for the second period making a statement himself.

Just five minutes into the second period, Foligno lined up with Brendan Smith again on a faceoff, and made sure that Smith answered for the hit against the young superstar.

The fight lasted a good while and both players landed quality punches, but Foligno clearly left his mark on Smith with repeated right hooks and quick jabs while holding Smith's jersey collar.

For now, there's no knowledge about Bedard's injury other than the statement he won't return tonight. Hopefully the he can recover quickly, and Foligno's quick answer will deter other teams from trying hits like this in the future.
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Nick Foligno makes Smith answer for Bedard injury with fight at centre ice

Should Smith have to fight after laying a big hit?

Yes, it's a superstar player19242.7 %
No, it's part of hockey18841.8 %
The Hawks needed to fight him7015.6 %
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