Jordan Binnington staring down Devin Dubnyk.
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Former Oilers goalie destroys Jordan Binnington on podcast

Published January 3, 2024 at 2:37 PM
It's a great time to be a hockey fan in the NHL as the power of social media and players willing to express their love or hate for other players is seen more than ever.

Former Oilers goalie Devin Dubnyk, who spent his first five years of his career with the Oilers joined the Cam and Strict Podcast to talked about Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington and what he thinks about him.

He focused on a particular game where both guys clashed when he was with the Sharks in 2021.

To me, watching Binnington is always the same story. He's playing like s**t, he's getting scored on, and then he puts on a show. And it's all fake to me ... My issue with what Binner does is that to me, it's all a facade.

Binnington, has never looked the same after the 2019 season was done. His numbers have been awful at times and for long stretches.

For the last three seasons his goals against average have been well over three per game and his save percentage has been barely above .900.

I agree with Dubnyk's view that it's all a show and that he enjoys the limelight while he punches people in the face and goes after players for no reason.

At $6 million per season for the next four years, the Blues deserve better and maybe Binnington can do his job rather than picking fights with everyone.
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Former Oilers goalie destroys Jordan Binnington on podcast

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