Domingue entering a scrum near his net with the Hartford Wolf Pack.
Photo credit: AHL TV

Former NHL goalie wants all the smoke and enters brawl in AHL

Published January 13, 2024 at 1:50 PM
In a clip that surfaced last night from an AHL game between the Leigh Valley Phantoms and the Hartford Wolf Pack, former NHL goalie Louis Domingue got his wires crossed and got himself in a fight around his net.

In the second period, the clip shows Domingue without a helmet as a scrum breaks out near his crease. According to the announcer, Domingue was run into on the play and immediately popped off his helmet and left the crease looking for the player that ran him, Garret Wilson. Domingue seems to skate up to Wilson, call him out, and Wilson obliged by making his way out of the crowd to scrap with Domingue.

Domingue pops a few right hands against Wilson, but the referees never allowed the two players to get at each other for a proper fight. Knowing there was a goalie involved and the game was beginning to devolve, the referees made the smart move to stop this fight before it had a chance to get started.

Earlier in the game, Hartford forward Matthew Rempe was also involved in a much more physical fight. From a video showing a great angle of the fight, Rempe can be seen laying an absolute beating down on a Phantoms player.

The AHL has earned a nickname through hockey as the jungle league for his fierce and wild physical style. This game last night clearly lived up to the reputation.
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Former NHL goalie wants all the smoke and enters brawl in AHL

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