Player coming back on the ice without equipment

Player still woozy from hit returns to ice with no skates or pants

Published January 13, 2024 at 10:28
This is an embarrassing situation for the teams and league involved, but perhaps most embarrassing for the player in a Swedish division 2 league who returned to the ice after an injury without a skate, a stick, or his pants.

Early in the first period, the player in question reportedly took a hard hit and left the game with concussion like symptoms. However, seemingly out of nowhere in the second period, the concussed player hops back on the ice missing critical equipment, and wobbles around the ice until play was called and the referee attended to him.

After the game, the player, Hyttegard Rastbjar commented that he actually had no recollection of the events on the ice, or returning to the game at all. It's quite the scary scene, and a total mystery how Rastbjar was able to evade the medical staff and make his way back to the ice without anyone stopping him. Hopefully, steps are taken so that this never happens again.

SOURCE: AftonBladet
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Player still woozy from hit returns to ice with no skates or pants

What happened here?

Training staff forgot about him15961.2 %
He thought the ice was the quiet room3513.5 %
Sleepwalking3011.5 %
He's a warrior for returning without pants3613.8 %
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