Vegas cuts ties early with four veteran players this offseason

Noel Drolet
June 3, 2024  (10:40)

Kelly McCrimmon with the Vegas Golden Knights
Photo credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

The Vegas Golden Knights have informed four players they will not be re-signed this offseason, including Anthony Mantha, Michael Amadio, William Carrier, and Alec Martinez.

Vegas runs their hockey team in a very interesting way, where they show very little loyalty to their core players. Most hockey teams will stay loyal to their players who have stayed loyal to the organization, but GM Kelly McCrimmon runs it like the business he is. Vegas has let multiple players know they would not be offered a contract, as they constantly fight with salary cap issues.

Vegas has informed Amadio, Carrier, Mantha and Martinez that they wouldn't be brought back to the team. This is expected from the team because of their track record, but it's crazy to see them not even try to sign these guys.
Mantha is by far the most productive out of the group, with 23 goals and 44 points in 74 games split between Vegas and Washington.
Mantha took a huge step forward this year, as he was previously regarded as a pretty disappointing player. A team can probably get him on a bargain contract, and he could end up being a very good fit wherever he goes.
Amadio and Carrier are mostly defensive middle 6 wingers, and could be a great option for a team looking to add some cheap depth. They had 27 in 73 and 8 in 39 respectively, so they're not great offensive options unless they get a perfect fit on another team.
Finally is Martinez, who is a solid shutdown defenseman. He has had some trouble staying healthy over the tail-end of his career, and is 36 at the time of the offseason. It may be time for Martinez to retire, but he may take a bargain contract on another team. He would be a great veteran presence for any team, as he knows what it takes to win.
Any of these players would be good options for another team, but have met their end in Vegas. Vegas is going to look very different next year, with their entire depth being shuffled around. It'll be interesting to see what Vegas does in the offseason, and where these players end up signing.
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Vegas cuts ties early with four veteran players this offseason

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