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Two players hit Oilers trading block to cut salary

Published March 4, 2024 at 4:41 PM

Heading into this year's trade deadline, the Edmonton Oilers may looks to upgrade at multiple positions to strengthen this team enough to go on a deep run in the playoffs. To make these upgrades, they'll need to take on significant salary, which means players could be on the way out. According to new reports, it could be Cody Ceci and Warren Foegele.

The Oilers were recently reported to have made a trade offer to Calgary for Tanev that included Cody Ceci, and last game, he was demoted at the last minute to the third pairing. Now, Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff is reporting that Foegele could be on the block as well, and the Oilers could move one or both by the deadline to make room for their acquisitions.

Currently, the Oilers have $2.4M in cap space heading into the deadline. Ceci makes $3.25M, and Foegele makes $2.75, meaning the Oilers could clear nearly $8.5M in salary for players at the deadline without using salary retention. If the Oilers can do this, the cost of their acquisitions could decrease if they don't need salary retention.

With the Oilers connected to some expensive names in trade talks like Pavel Buchnevich and Sean Walker. If the Oilers are confident they can acquire these players or others who are actual upgrades on the current roster, it's looking very likely that Ceci and Foegele may not be on the team past the end of this week.
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Two players hit Oilers trading block to cut salary

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