Ryan Whitney on the Oilers
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Ryan Whitney forced to apologize over stupid Oilers comment

Published February 12, 2024 at 9:34 PM
Everyone knows that Edmonton is a fantastic place for post-season hockey. You have your superstars and big name players who bring people into the seats, and the Oilers are looking like they still have a good contending window as long as McDavid is on the team. During the Oilers' terrible start to the season everyone knew that the Oilers would bounce back, but someone who was so outspoken about not believing in the Oilers was Ryan Whitney.

Since then the Oilers have fired their coach, had an almost historic win streak, and had played some of the best defensive hockey of the McDavid era. This changed almost everyone's opinions back to the Oilers being serious threats, and silenced even the harshest of critics.

Ryan Whitney admits that he was wrong about the Edmonton Oilers and that he shouldn't have been so harsh on them, but says that he'll fully be back in on Edmonton only if they make it to the Eastern Conference.

Whitney is known for flip-flopping with the public about the Edmonton Oilers and he has done this too many times for it to really matter, but it's interesting to see how the Oilers can push even the most stubborn of people to have to go back on their words.
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Ryan Whitney forced to apologize over stupid Oilers comment

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