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Edmonton Oilers make a classless move towards rival at the end of game

Published February 12, 2024 at 7:05 PM
After meeting in the playoffs and fighting through the regular season at the top of the standings for a few years now, the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings have developed quite a rivalry. Last game, the Kings easily got the better of the Oilers with a 4-0 win, and looked to retrieve the puck at the end of the game to mark the first win for their new head coach Jim Hiller. However, the Oilers didn't want to hand it over so easily.

At the end of a hard fought battle against their rivals, Vinny Desharnais and Darnell Nurse were combative when Kings forward Quinten Byfield came to get the puck. Desharnais has the puck in his hand, knowing the Kings are requesting it, but tries to nonchalantly skate off the ice with it. Instead, the referee wrestles it out of Desharnais' hands and hands it to the Kings. A brief chirping match went on near the bench, Desharnais gave a slight cross check to another player, and the situation died down.

It's completely customary for a player to hand over the puck at the end of the game as a sign of sportsmanship and respect to the opponent, especially when they hit a milestone. It's understood that there's a rivalry and pride on the line, but this was a time to relent, and just let them have the puck. It's a classless display to not live up to the traditions of hockey, but understandable in the situation. Desharnais is an absolute warrior and the Oilers clearly take these matchups personally, which will make the next time these two teams play must watch TV again.

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Edmonton Oilers make a classless move towards rival at the end of game

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