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Former Oiler Ryan Whitney shares the weirdest thing about Corey Perry as a player

Published February 12, 2024 at 3:15 PM
Earlier this season, Ryan Whitney of the Spittin Chiclets podcast turned his back on his public Oilers fandom when they had a terrible start. Now he's come back around to being a full fan, and is making the round with Edmonton media including an interview with OilersNation.

Talking on the show OilersNation Everyday, former Oiler Ryan Whitney spoke about the team's signing of Corey Perry and the weirdest thing about him as a player - his crazy superstitions.

A pretty quiet guy in the locker room. What I remember about him off the ice is that he was just the most superstitious person I ever played with. Even including Sid. Maybe they're kind of on the same level. Up to the minute pre-game, Perry was doing the exact same thing. I'm talking when the shin pad goes on, when he takes a bite of the protein bar. It's kind of exhausting I would imagine.

Whitney played with Perry from 2008-2010 with the Anaheim Ducks when Perry was relatively new to the league, otherwise it would be surprising to picture the 38 year old veteran as a quiet guy in the locker room. Now as a decorated veteran and a player who brings a famous pest presence, Perry is likely more of a leader now than when Whitney played with him. Although Whitney was skeptical of Perry's superstitions, he noted that he was incredibly dialled in and prepared before every single game.

Whitney went on to praise the addition of Perry to the Oilers for many of the same reasons we've heard before - a veteran, a player that brings an edge, and a playoff performer. At 38 years old, Corey Perry will still be an incredibly effective addition for a team destined to go on a long playoff run.
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Former Oiler Ryan Whitney shares the weirdest thing about Corey Perry as a player

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