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Darnell Nurse hitting Quinn Hughes
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Oilers take advice from media and make Quinn Hughes cry with huge hits

Published May 9, 2024 at 2:04 PM

The Oilers are still favoured to win their series against the Canucks after a brutal game one loss. Now, the Oilers will take every advantage they can get, including a piece of advice from the media - target Quinn Hughes physically.

Early on in the first period, it was evident that was a strategy from the Oilers. Every time an Oiler was forechecking against Hughes, they were crushing the smaller star defenceman with massive hits. Evander Kane and Zach Hyman started the hit parade against Hughes, and it didn't relent all night.

Oilers media member calls for team to target Quinn Hughes with physical play

A few days ago on the OilersNow radio show hosted by Bob Stauffer, a show host suggested that the Edmonton Oilers should target Quinn Hughes physically, because he looks like a player that would get overwhelmed and cry. It was just a fun jab at a rival player, and Hughes probably won't actually cry on the bench, but the idea of punishing him physically over the course of the series is worthwhile.

Quinn Hughes, to me, has always struck me as the kind of player who if you really start pulverizing him, he looks like he's gonna cry all the time. He has taken 17 hits in the five games leading into this one, so they're making a concerted effort, and it maybe looks like it's paying some dividends.

Unfortunately for the Oilers, the attempt to play physically only lead to the Canucks selling out for some more penalty calls in this game. Quinn Hughes in particular fell to his knees easily to nab a holding penalty against Connor Brown.

Over the course of this series, the Oilers are going to need to continue to wear Hughes down with this physical play to shut down their opponent's best player.
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Oilers take advice from media and make Quinn Hughes cry with huge hits

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