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Oilers radio says team will make Quinn Hughes cry in playoff series

Published May 6, 2024 at 12:04

This Oilers and Canucks series will be a heated rivalry series. Before it's even begun, the Oilers media is finding ways to get under the skin of the Canucks star players, as well as their fans.

On the OilersNow radio show, a co-host suggested that the Canucks captain Quinn Hughes looks like he wouldn't be able to handle a physical game, and would just cry. He then went onto say that the Predators also looked to target Hughes, and that strategy could continue to work for the Oilers.

»Quinn Hughes, to me, has always struck me as the kind of player who if you really start pulverizing him, he looks like he's gonna cry all the time. He has taken 17 hits in the five games leading into this one, so they're making a concerted effort, and it maybe looks like it's paying some dividends.»

The playoffs can become a war of attrition for teams, especially past the first round. Players on both sides are battling through injuries just to be in the lineup, so elevating your physical game and making the opponent hurt can be a very effective strategy. The Oilers have a tougher team this playoffs, and could really look to take the physicality to the Hughes and the rest of the Canucks stars.

The Oilers physicality will be an asset against the Canucks in playoffs

Throughout this season and in their first round series against Nashville, the Edmonton Oilers have proven themselves to be a more mature, playoff ready team this season. The Oilers have a deep supporting cast now of tough players, much more so than the Canucks, and that could be a real difference in the second round.

Players like Evander Kane, Corey Perry, Zach Hyman, Vincent Desharnais, and everyone else need to be a part of the effort to really pulverize the Canucks, like OilersNow radio suggested. Quinn Hughes may not be crying on the ice, but it could go a long way to ending their playoff run early. The Oilers can clearly play the physical game, but can beat teams in their elite offence and underrated defence as well.

This series will be a rivalry matchup for the ages. Not only do the players have a deep-seated rivalry on the ice, but even the media and fans are throwing around pot shots like this. It's incredible theatre, and this series will be absolutely must watch television.
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Oilers radio says team will make Quinn Hughes cry in playoff series

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