Oilers fans protest crazy prices of playoff tickets

Noel Drolet
May 27, 2024  (7:10 PM)

Roger's Place arena
Photo credit: Edmonton Oilers on X

The Edmonton Oilers have been increasing ticket prices throughout the playoffs, and it's finally resulted in a game not selling out.

It's no surprise that ticket prices are crazy high, due to both the economy and it being the playoffs. It's getting crazy how truly high the ticket prices are, with prices even in the 200s going for a crazy amount. Now, prices are actually dropping on the resale market as people are trying to make back their money.
The prices for Oilers games have been increasing rapidly recently, just like everything in Canada has been. These prices are ridiculous though and fans seem to finally be putting their foot down.
It's crazy to see how expensive they're actually getting, with the cheapest ticket available for game 4 sitting at $338 to sit in row 8 of the worst section in the 200s. These prices have gotten out of control, which results in a lot of seats not being filled.
Earlier this year, the Oilers raised ticket prices for seasons ticket holders, and tiered their pricing to match the playoffs. For each round the playoff ticket prices will increase, and now in the third round, Oilers fans have seen the most they're willing to pay.
Despite how amazing it is to watch live playoff games, nowadays there just aren't many people who can afford that kind of leisure expense. The Oilers need to realize that fans aren't always going to go if they keep hiking up prices, and that they need to allow fans to enjoy going to a game without trying to gouge them for their money.
At the end of the day, It's understandable that ticket prices will increase as the team becomes more successful and the team tries to capitalize on their success, but it should never inflate to a point where the building isn't sold out. At the very least, hopefully fans are rewarded with a Stanley Cup.
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Oilers fans protest crazy prices of playoff tickets

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