Connor Brown celebrates with the bench after scoring his first goal with the Edmonton Oilers.
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Oilers fans love Coach Knoblauch's reaction caught on camera to Connor Brown goal

Published March 15, 2024 at 8:17 PM

Connor Brown was the Edmonton Oilers big signing of last offseason, and it obviously didn't go the way the team hoped - but that hasn't stopped Oilers fans and teammates from rallying behind Brown. After not scoring for 54 games, when Brown potted one against the Washington Capitals, the entire Rogers Place arena went crazy. Fans have even noticed Coach Knoblauch's reaction from behind the bench, as he broke out a rare wry smile.

It's incredibly rare to see any coach show sort a positive emotion behind the bench, so even this little smile from Knoblauch is great to see, and indicative of the joy everyone felt when Brown finally scored. It definitely wasn't a normal celebration of a 7-2 goal, Oilers fans threw hats on the ice and gave a standing ovation for two minutes after the goal.

The whole bench went crazy for the goal too, and all Oilers fans are happy to see the kind of support he's getting from his teammates through that struggle.

Hopefully this goal frees up Brown and boosts him to a little hot streak. Despite his brutal season and the tough contract bonus of $3.225M next season, all will be forgiven if Brown's disappointing season if he can find a way to contribute in the playoffs.
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Oilers fans love Coach Knoblauch's reaction caught on camera to Connor Brown goal

Will Connor Brown make an impact on the playoffs?

Yes, he'll have a big moment37659.2 %
No, he's useless20832.8 %
He won't even be in the lineup518 %
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