Adam Henrique on the ice with the Oilers for warmup.
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Adam Henrique opens up about difficult personal circumstances with trade to Oilers

Published March 15, 2024 at 6:48 PM

For such creatures of habit like NHL players, being traded in the middle of the season can be tough. When the Oilers made the trade to acquire Adam Henrique at the trade deadline, the trade came at an extremely difficult time with the ultimate disruption of a schedule - the birth of his daughter. In a recent interview with NHL network, Henrique opened up about the experience of being traded, and the difficulty of leaving behind his family with a new baby to live out of a hotel for the stretch run of the season.

I knew I was gonna get moved, it was just a matter of time. Pat in Anaheim was on the same page as me the whole time, kinda kept me informed of what the plan was, which I appreciated with our family situation having a baby right around trade deadline. Not the best timing. The biggest thing for me this time around was not really knowing when something would happen and just trying to get everything organized and kinda keep the chaos in control at home.

It would certainly be extremely difficult to move to another city and live out of a hotel form months while having the stress of a baby at home, but Henrique and his wife seem to have handled it as well as they can. He added that he's not sure if his family will join him later on, but it would become a possibility if the Oilers are re-signing Henrique.

He hasn't scored his first as an Oiler yet, but Henrique is an incredible pickup from the Oilers. With 18 goals and 42 points in 60 games, he can be a quality scoring third line centre, and even move up to the second line wing if needed - essentially filling the role of Nick Bjugstad last season. It's tough being away from family especially with the birth of a child, but Henrique is a professional, and he's here to give the Oilers everything he possibly can.
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Adam Henrique opens up about difficult personal circumstances with trade to Oilers

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