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Carolina Hurricanes creating new logo and it looks awful

Published March 15, 2024 at 2:30 PM

A few teams around the NHL are in serious need of a jersey makeover, and one of those teams is the Carolina Hurricanes. They have an iconic logo, but could use New Jerseys. According to new reports from fans, the Hurricanes are in the process of developing a new logo for the team, and recently released a number of options for fan feedback. Across the board, fans aren't loving the new design.

With three options being full spellings of ‘Carolina', that seems to be the direction they're favouring for their next logo.

The Hurricanes are one of the teams with the most jerseys in the league, seemingly having tons of specialty jerseys, Hartford Whalers throwbacks, and the black third jerseys. These new designs would be for their prospective main logo, but really none of them are that great. These designs feel simple and bland.

We'll have to see if the Hurricanes do end up changing their logo, and if the fan reaction to these new logos change their creative direction. Hopefully the new design is actually good, because logo re-designs don't happen to often - they could be stuck with this for a long time.
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Carolina Hurricanes creating new logo and it looks awful

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