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Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch
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Oilers Coach Knoblauch Asks Referees to Call More Penalties

Published May 11, 2024 at 6:25 PM

This is surely something you don't hear from an NHL coach everyday, but when it comes to the Edmonton Oilers, it makes sense. Speaking to the media today after tying their series with Vancouver, Oilers coach Knoblauch expressed his desire to see more penalties be called by the referees.

»I know, as a whole, yeah, there were missed calls, but I know the Edmonton Oilers would like all the missed calls to be called. It's our advantage. We want penalties called. Last night, yeah, there were calls both ways that were missed, and that's every game. Refs aren't perfect, coaches aren't perfect, as much as we'd like to tell you we are.»
-Coach Knoblauch

Last night was truly a horribly officiated game for both sides, with both teams getting away with inexplicable infractions and being called for pretty much random ones. The officiating was so inconsistent that it actually became a topic of discussion for Hockey Night in Canada. It's very rare the broadcast will criticize the officiating, but the moment called for it - and it was a bad look for the NHL.

Fans and media call out brutal refereeing in Oilers Canucks playoff series

There were numerous instances of interference, high sticks, boarding, holding, and everything else on both sides that was let go by the referees, only to call ticky-tacky penalties elsewhere. Even Thomas Drance, a Canucks writer for the Athletic, said that the officiating has undoubtedly been biased towards Vancouver so far. To this point in the series, the Canucks incredibly only have two penalties that weren't automatic calls.

With special teams strength being such a big factor in the Oilers success, the lack of penalties being called is a significant disadvantage - even more so when it clearly favours the Canucks. It's simply unbelievable that the Canucks have only committed two infractions against the Oilers in this series. Anyone with eyes can see there's multiple penalties committed against McDavid almost every shift.
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Oilers Coach Knoblauch Asks Referees to Call More Penalties

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