Nurse hitting Pettersson
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Nurse hits Pettersson head first into the boards with no penalty call

Published May 10, 2024 at 8:37 PM

In game two of the second round series between the Oilers and Canucks, the physicality was clearly dialled up early on. With the Oilers trailing early, Nurse may have been looking to spark the team with a massive hit on Elias Pettersson.

Pettersson turned his back while trying to retrieve a puck behind the Oilers zone, but Darnell Nurse didn't hesitate to still drill him into the boards. Pettersson looked shaken up by the nasty-looking contact, but thankfully got up quickly.

With how violent that hit appeared, it's frankly amazing that Pettersson was able to get up and stay in the game after this hit. Pettersson did look a bit shaken up by the hit, but his reaction was minor enough to not be pulled by the concussion spotters in attendance. The Oilers got away with it too, as Nurse wasn't even called for a penalty on the play. This absolutely should've been a boarding call, and the lack of penalty here is a continued trend from game one of this Oilers Canucks series with shoddy refereeing

Pettersson stays in the game after taking huge hit from Darnell Nurse

Pettersson proved to be a difference maker for the Canucks for the first time in this playoffs moments before this goal too. Noise has been starting to dial up in Vancouver questioning Pettersson's ability to perform in the playoffs, and his goal tonight will keep the critics quiet for now.

Even if Pettersson has been struggling early on in this postseason, the Oilers still need to make it a concerted effort to play physical against him, and shut down his offensive game entirely.
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Nurse hits Pettersson head first into the boards with no penalty call

Should Nurse have been penalized for this hit on Pettersson?

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