Zadorov smiling in the penalty box
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Nikita Zadorov responds to Oilers fans taunting him in the penalty box

Published May 13, 2024 at 9:17 PM

Canucks defenseman Nikita Zadorov has been a menace to the Oilers and Oilers fans going back to the years he spent with the Flames. During game 3, several Oilers fans decided to taunt and mock him while Zadorov served a penalty to which he responds with a big smile.

As they continued to berate him, in typical Zadorov fashion his just waited, made a comment and skated off.

Zadorov has become public enemy number one with his recent antics in this series starting with his comments on how the Oilers fans love their team because the city has nothing to offer aside watching their team. During Game 3 he buried Evander Kane into the bench and gave Connor McDavid a wicked cross check to the back which lead to a fine of $5,000 by the NHL department of players safety.

Zadorov, who was with the Calgary Flames for three seasons always made himself known to the Oilers and was a factor during the Battle of Alberta. In this series he has 4 points in three games and keeps imposing his size and physicality on the team.

The Oilers will need to make their adjustments, especially to the physical aspect and start to roll their offense while pressuring the Canucks third string goalie Artus Silovs in order to even this series.

Game 4 will be on Tuesday May 14th and game time will be 10:00pm eastern.
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Nikita Zadorov responds to Oilers fans taunting him in the penalty box

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