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Connor McDavid laughing
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McDavid laughs when asked about Soucy's cross check to the face

Published May 13, 2024 at 2:18 PM

At the final buzzer of last night's Oilers' game, Connor McDavid got himself into a minor scrum and took a severely ugly cross check to the face. When asked about it today, McDavid just laughed it off as part of playoff hockey.

»I feel great. It's a tough game. They got big D-men that, like I said, make it hard on you. They play a physical brand of hockey, and it's fun to be a part of. It's a fun series to be a part of. Obviously two Canadian teams going at it, there's a lot of passion. Yeah, you know it's part of it.»
-Connor McDavid

It's great to see that McDavid is healthy and in good spirits after the hit, after it looked like Soucy's stick nearly bent around his neck. Not only that, but McDavid is embracing it as part of playoff hockey, which should be a big moment for the team. After the hit last night, no Oilers player responded in defence of their captain - that's something that definitely needs to change.

McDavid and Oilers need to respond for cross check to the face

Nikita Zadorov has already been fined $5K for his part in the tag-team attack, and Carson Soucy has a phone hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety. It's good to see justice coming from the NHL, but the Oilers also need to respond on their own next game.

With a response like this, it looks like McDavid will come out with his best game of the series so far, just like he did after a disappointing game 1. Hopefully the Canucks poked the bear with this dirty play, and the Oilers can rally around McDavid getting his revenge, and coming back to win this series.
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McDavid laughs when asked about Soucy's cross check to the face

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