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Stuart Skinner takes blame for loss, says why he struggles in playoffs

Published May 13, 2024 at 12:52

Through this year, Stuart Skinner really emerged as a quality starting goalie for the Oilers - but the playoffs were always a question. So far in this playoffs, every night it's seemed the Oilers have the second best goalie.

Skinner wasn't made available to the media last night, but at practice today, he took the blame for last night's loss and explained that the emotions got the best of him.

Skinner seemed a bit emotional, and even apologized for not speaking last night. He took responsibility, and knows he needs to be better.

The Oilers are playing quality defensive hockey and limiting the Canucks chances fairly well, but Skinner is still allowing just too many soft goals. Last night he was pulled for Pickard after surrendering 4 goals on 19 shots, and clearly once again, the emotions of the playoffs got to him. Through 20 games played, Skinner qualifies as the worst playoff goalie in almost 25 years. It seems the Oilers once again have a goaltending crisis on their hands. This press conference from Skinner is bordering on the edge a little to close to Jack Campbell.

Oilers have a tough decision to make for starting goalie after Skinner lets down team

After last night's game, Knoblauch wouldn't commit to a starting goalie for game 4. With mounting evidence that Skinner is causing problems for the Oilers, it's very possible that Calvin Pickard gets the start for the next game. Simply put, Knoblauch said the Oilers need saves, and Skinner isn't getting them right now.

Other than Calvin Pickard, the Oilers have two more goalies on the roster: one of the top prospects in the organization in Olivier Rodrigue, and their failed starter Jack Campbell. The Oilers will certainly have an interesting decision to make in net very soon.

When Skinner admits the moment is getting too big for him, how could the team possibly turn to him in an elimination scenario? He's still just a sophomore goaltender, and perhaps needed more time and maturity before being a starting goalie for a cup contending team.
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Stuart Skinner takes blame for loss, says why he struggles in playoffs

Who should the Oilers start in goal for game 4 after Skinner took the blame for this loss?

Go back to Skinner17626.2 %
Calvin Pickard32047.5 %
Olivier Rodrigue395.8 %
Jack Campbell, you're up buddy.13820.5 %
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