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Pat McAfee and Evander Kane
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Evander Kane compares Canadian and American hockey fans in playoffs

Published May 3, 2024 at 1:56 PM

Playoff hockey always completely takes over Canadian cities, and we've seen it at its best this year. In an interview with the Pat McAfee show, Evander Kane spoke at length about just how crazy Canadian crowds can get, especially in Edmonton.

»Whatever atmosphere you think you've been in that's incredible, crazy, and special - it's going to get trumped all day long if you come up here to Edmonton.»
-Evander Kane

McAfee explained that he thinks American playoff crowds are just as rowdy as Canadians, using a Pittsburgh Penguins Cup Final game as an example. Incredibly, Kane said that he's actually been in the stands of a Cup Final game in Pittsburgh in 2009, and it wasn't near the atmosphere of Edmonton.

Kane was absolutely hammering it home that Canadian fans are louder than Americans, so much so that McAfee was briefly speechless. Kane's exactly right too. In Canada, hockey is more than a pastime sport or entertainment, it's built in deeply into our culture for generations of fans. For most Canadian cities that just have one major sports team, hockey is the sole focus of sports for millions of people.

Kane also went on to hype up his teammate Connor McDavid to the US National TV audience. Here, everyone agrees that McDavid is far and away the best player in the NHL, and may be becoming one of the best of all time.

»Theres nobody that really has that has that speed, and then the quickness with his hands that go together simultaneously. Then obviously he can think at that speed as well. So when you put it all together, you pretty much have a player that I don't think anyone's ever seen before, so it's pretty special.»
-Evander Kane

The Oilers were absolutely dominant in their first round series against the Kings, finishing it up in a quick 5 games. The extra time before their next series begins is proving helpful for Kane, who missed practice today while nursing his nagging injury. Right now the Oilers have a prime opportunity to rest up and prepare for their next opponent, which will be the winner of Vancouver and Nashville.
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Evander Kane compares Canadian and American hockey fans in playoffs

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