Edmonton Oilers fans sign petition to change playoff broadcast team

Liam McCormick
April 8, 2024  (5:14 PM)

Harnarayan Singh and Louie DeBrusk in the Edmonton Oilers broadcast booth.
Photo credit: Harnarayan Singh X

The Edmonton Oilers have one of the most passionate fanbases in hockey, and now they're organizing to change the upcoming playoff broadcast.

Oilers fans are blessed to have Jack Michaels as the team's play by play announcer for regional games, and he always gives an exhilarating performance backed by his genuine love for the Oilers. Unfortunately, Michaels hasn't been assigned to cover the playoffs in recent years, and fans are looking to change it.
Jack Michaels áhas proven his ability to capture the spirit of the game with his passionate and insightful commentary during regular season games. His knowledge about hockey is extensive and his enthusiasm infectious. We believe having Jack Michaels as the play-by-play announcer during the Stanley Cup playoffs would not only honour this legacy but also enhance our experience as fans.

Fans have petitioned Sportsnet for many years to move Michaels to the playoff broadcast, with the highest total count in recent years reaching 6,000 signatures. Testimonials and these petitions haven't done anything to sway Sportsnet so far, but there could be a change this year.
This is pure speculation, but it's possible that with the Vancouver Canucks making the playoffs this season, Harnarayan Singh could be assigned to their series, and Michaels will be available for the Oilers. Singh has called the Oilers playoffs in recent years and has done a fantastic job, but he's not as much of a passionate fan like Michaels is.
Many fans have seen a deterioration in the Sportsnet broadcast for years, and would welcome any change to the broadcast. Just a few weeks ago, Ron MacLean had a bizarre awkward moment on air, and it's become clear there needs to be an update to the broadcast.
Even if it's just in the first round, the prospect of hearing Michaels call Oilers playoff games will be extremely exciting for fans watching at home.
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Edmonton Oilers fans sign petition to change playoff broadcast team

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