Xavier Bourgault
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Edmonton Oilers call up top prospect Xavier Bourgault for playoffs

Published May 6, 2024 at 1:52 PM

Early this morning, the Edmonton Oilers officially recalled their top forward prospect Xavier Bourgault from the AHL. Bourgault will join a large group of ‘Black Aces' recently recalled by the Oilers.

Bourgault was drafted 22nd overall by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2021 NHL Draft, and was the organization's top prospect for some time. After his second season in the AHL, Bourgault's stock has dropped with only 8 goals and 20 points in 55 games.

Hopefully, Bourgault being called up in this next group of Black Aces can show him the incredible atmosphere around the Oilers in the playoffs, and be a motivating factor for having a good offseason and training camp.

The Oilers have now called up a healthy portion of their most important prospects and depth players to be around the team for this year's playoffs. Jack Campbell, Philip Broberg, Olivier Rodrigue, and many more have joined the team in their extended-backup roles.

The Edmonton Oilers call up several prospects and players

The group of Black Aces is a fantastic organizational move from the Edmonton Oilers. For many of these young players, fringe players, and players that have just been around the team like Jack Campbell - it's important for the locker room chemistry to have these people present. When they join the team for practice, they can pick up the pace and showcase their hunger to get in the lineup in case of injury. Today, Philip Broberg was able to get consistent reps at practice.

It's simply good preparation to have these young players around the team during the best time of year, practicing, and being ready to enter the lineup if needed. Of course, many of these players won't play unless these catastrophic injuries, but it's still great for the short and long term of this team. Even the size of the group compared to other teams extras really showcases the level of the Oilers depth this season.
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Edmonton Oilers call up top prospect Xavier Bourgault for playoffs

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