Draisaitl's projected contract set to make him highest paid player in the NHL

Noel Drolet
May 28, 2024  (11:26)

Draisaitl skating
Photo credit: Edmonton Oilers

It's no secret that Draisaitl has been fantastic for the Oilers and has helped McDavid flourish. Draisaitl is one of the rare players that you hand a blank check to and allow him to sign his own contract. The Oilers would probably sign him to any amount of money he wants, and his projected contract is expected to make Draisaitl the highest paid player in the league.

Even at over 13.25M, Draisaitl needs to be brought back for the Oilers no matter what. When you have a player that is as productive as Draisaitl is in the regular season and the playoffs, that is not a player you can afford to lose.
If the Oilers want to keep contending for the cup, it's a no-brainer that they have to keep both Draisaitl and McDavid. Draisaitl is fresh off an 108 point season, finishing 7th in league scoring. He also leads the playoffs in points right now and when you can re-sign a player like that, you always should.
It's true that the Oilers have some decisions to make, but honestly it's really a no brainer. Keep Draisaitl and McDavid, and cut anyone else who doesn't allow you to do that. Draisaitl has one year left on his amazing 8.5M dollar contract, and he'll most likely be signed to an extension before this season even starts.
You're most likely going to have to cut Bouchard to be able to do this, but that's something Holland should be willing to do. It's true that the Oilers need a defensive upgrade, but an offensive defenseman like Bouchard doesn't shore up their blue line as much as someone who's responsible on defense would. The Oilers need to push on and keep building around their two superstars and Draisaitl is instrumental to this team's success going forward.
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Draisaitl's projected contract set to make him highest paid player in the NHL

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