Oilers fan in blue and orange face paint sitting in the stands.
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Crazy Oilers fan spotted on video in Winnipeg last night

Published March 27, 2024 at 12:11

Last night, a crazy Oilers fan was seen representing the team in Winnipeg.

The Edmonton Oilers aren't the biggest market in the NHL, but their passionate fans make them one of the biggest presences in the league. During a road game across the Prairies in Winnipeg last night, one Oilers fan was seen going all out representing the team.

The broadcast camera caught an Oilers fan who went full out with the gear to see the boys in Winnipeg. With the full colours face paint, a legendary cut-off Oilers vest, and a bunch more merch hanging off him, this burly guy was a literal beast of a fan. Even his beard was fully dyed Oilers blue!

Louie DeBrusk hilariously called the fan the ‘Oiler Viking' on the broadcast, and it's definitely an accurate description. He's like the fan version of Mattias Ekholm!

It's great to see Oilers fans dress up and show out for the team in droves like they have this season. All throughout this season, diehard Oilers fans have been spotted in arenas across the NHL - showing the wide spread of Oilers Nation and the team even growing new fans in different cities because the team and the players are so good. Another memorable fan in New Jersey earlier this year had maybe the best jersey an Oilers fan could own, a custom ‘McDrai'.

Despite not being a huge city like New York or Toronto, the Edmonton Oilers are now in the top 5 revenue generating teams and are growing rapidly - and it's because of the passionate Oilers fans across North America. It's always great to see the fans at home make the Rogers Place a hard place to play, but something's even cooler about seeing these crazy fans in enemy territory on the road. It just means that much to some fans!
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Crazy Oilers fan spotted on video in Winnipeg last night

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