Anonymous NHL coach predicts blowout in Oilers Canucks Game 7

Noel Drolet
May 20, 2024  (3:57 PM)

Stuart Skinner stretching out for a save
Photo credit: Edmonton Oilers

Earlier today on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman shared that an anonymous coach is predicting a blowout in tonight's Game 7.

This game could go just about any direction based on which version of the two teams were getting, as both have been wildly bipolar through the series. Elliotte Friedman discusses his prediction for the game and how one anonymous coach thinks the game will end up.
»A coach said to me, he says he thinks what's gonna happen is one team is gonna get out to a lead, and we might see the dam break. He says it could be a 6-1 game. Now this is a coach, so he knows a lot more than I do.»
-Elliotte Friedman

Friedman says that he believes that the game seems like it will result in OT, as many of the games this series have been very close. He also reveals that he talked to an anonymous coach of an NHL team who said that they see it being an Oilers blowout, which is very plausible due to Edmonton's explosive offense.
Friedman says the key to this game is going to be all about who the more solid goaltender is. Silovs and Skinner are both still young, and have shown times where the pressure seems to get to them too much. Skinner especially has been shaky at times, showing that he may not be ready for this type of pressure yet in his career.
The goalies are going to be the backbone of their respective teams tonight and should show which team wins. Both teams are going to attack the other goalie as hard as they can, to try and destabilize them and hopefully get some goals in early. If either goalie gets shaken too much in the game, it might be too little too late for their team to come back.
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Anonymous NHL coach predicts blowout in Oilers Canucks Game 7

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