David Perron and Jordan Eberle
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Two ex-Oilers linked back to the team as trade targets

Published January 22, 2024 at 7:59 PM
Looking at how the Oilers have been playing recently, they look ahead to the trade deadline in hopes of adding pieces for their deep playoff run. As always in Oilers fashion, they seem to be looking to plug more forwards into the forward core in hopes that someone can stick. Chris Johnston revealed who he thought could be additions for the Oilers in a recent episode of his show, and we'll look over those options.

Guentzel has been linked to the Oilers for a while now and thus has other articles talking about him, and basically boils down to how poorly things go for the penguins. If they think they can push for the playoffs, they're not gonna sell off Sid's best linemate mid-season.

Jordan Eberle is one of the names that Johnston mentions, very interestingly bringing about a reunion between the team and former first round draft pick. Eberle is 33 so the price, like Perron, would not be too high at all. Eberle has 23 points in 46 games played, and like Perron would definitely be a candidate that the Kraken would be open to moving.

David Perron is another very plausible move, as the 35 year-old currently has 21 points in 40 games played. He is being moved around in the lineup quite a bit, as the wings have struggled to find chemistry this far into the season. Wings will definitely be considering offers to offload Perron, and the Oilers would be happy to have another ex-player back with the team.
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Two ex-Oilers linked back to the team as trade targets

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